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John Oliver blames China in your lack of information about Uighur focus camps


John Oliver stated Sunday's Final Week Tonight was going to be about eyelashes, that was was largely simply to arrange a TikTok video. Its creator "is correct," he stated: "A lash-curler is an important software in anybody's magnificence arsenal, and there's an ethnic group in China being systematically surveilled and imprisoned in an try and basically wipe their tradition off the map." Oliver began with the fundamentals: "The folks in query are the Uighurs. They're largely a largely Muslim minority in a area of China known as Xinjiang, and the Chinese language authorities has been treating them completely terribly.""If that is the primary time you're listening to about an estimated million individuals who've been held in detention camps — largely Uighurs but in addition Kazakhs and different ethnic minorities — you aren’t alone," Oliver stated. "And it's most likely as a result of China has carried out its degree greatest to maintain this story from getting out." Which may be tougher now, as a result of a number of the face masks and different PPE utilized in America is probably going made by pressured Uighur labor, making us complicit, he added. "And whereas there’s clearly nothing new about horrific practices being hidden deep within the provide chain of world capitalism, what is going on to the Uighurs is especially appalling. So tonight let's discuss them: Who they’re, what's been occurring to them, and why?"Oliver ran although a little bit of the historic enmity between Uighurs and Beijing, the 2009 riots, and China's crackdown with President Xi Jinping's 2014 Strike Arduous In opposition to Violent Terrorism legislation — "consider it because the Patriot Act on steroids" — and present Minority Report-like pre-emptive arrests and Chinese language excuses: They’re "merely being proactive" and sending them to useful "vocational coaching amenities," amongst different euphemisms for "cultural erasure.""Each time pressed on this, the Chinese language authorities has been fast to make use of whataboutism," Oliver stated. "They responded to U.S. criticism by invoking atrocities starting from he genocide of Native People to George Floyd's demise." These "are honest hits, these are honest factors proper there," he stated, "but it surely's additionally utterly attainable for 2 issues to be flawed on the identical time." What are you able to do? Listen, he stated. Watch beneath. Extra tales from theweek.com 5 scathing cartoons about Trump's use of federal pressure Trump's outdated methods aren't working GOP Sen. Tom Cotton argues America's founders believed slavery to be a 'mandatory evil'

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