1. This looks promising….but didn't Cusack or Cage already make this film?!

  2. What other comedies can I watch now

  3. Two actors that sound exactly the same

  4. damn i am really hyped since i saw it the first time. i think jonah hill is such a good actor in serious roles too!!

  5. lol Dan Blizerian hitting Johnah at 1:36

  6. I'm an actor from ma and I want to get into film 7814229380

  7. Lord of war X The wolf of wall street

  8. Love Jonah and Miles. Looking forward to seeing this one

  9. Jona Hill can play a Penguin villain for the Batman.

  10. Jonah hill looks bigger than ever! Lol

  11. Jonah hill got fat again lol

  12. looks like Jonah gained back most of the weight he had lost.

  13. Movies industry are doing well in the couple last years in this type of movies that are based on true story
    wolf of wall street *
    kill the messenger*
    twelve years a slave *
    and all withe positive reviews,really hope to see more of this kind of moveis

  14. The Wolf of Wall Street + Lord of War = This

    I like it.

  15. "I've to go first. I am American"

  16. man wtf is with news anchors doing fake storys for movies? your credibility and integrity is dog shit.

  17. Project X criminal version

  18. i heard a rumor that if jonah hill had gotten any fatter they woulda premiered the movie on his ass.

  19. Let me guess neither of these criminals saw a single day in jail

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