VEVO’s 100 Most Viewed Music Videos (March 2016)

TOP 100: 100. Come & Get It – Selena Gomez 99. Best Song Ever – One Direction 98. How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris & Disciples 97. Love Yourself …

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  1. gangnam style is 2 billion he forgot haha and see you again

  2. lean on , See you again

  3. Hello will be number 1

  4. see you again, gamngam style, lean on

  5. dark horse deserves first position,

  6. number 12…. mysterious…..

  7. lwt it go – peak -69????????

  8. Can u do music videos of YouTube??

  9. thankful for a list that doesn't end with gangnam style


  11. Lots of the stats are wrong.

  12. yeeees!!! Talor Swift #1!!!!

  13. Drag me down! Next month

  14. "Hello" is gonna be #1 soon.

  15. Taylor Swift – Blank Space still #1 after 5 months….!!! Slay…!!

  16. I feel like it's a bit of a sin to have "diamonds" next to "watch me whip". diamonds is much better lol

  17. Good job putting this together

  18. Where's Thrift Shop??? Or is it non-vevo?

  19. pls show again how much views the videos get, these are good for predictions. But still good job on these vids, I'm glad that someone has the time to do this :)

  20. Bad Romance peak 1 to not 12

  21. I'm very tired of these people that comments the non-vevo (Like Gangnam Style or See You Again) songs must be at the top 100. You guys must check the thumbnail if there's "VEVO" on it.

  22. Dark Horse best song ever❤

  23. VEVO's 100 Most Viewed Music Videos (March 2016

  24. Thank you for this video

  25. I prefer the previous style with the ranking on the bottom. And the increased view within a month is missing.

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