1. I want marriage in Nigeria. now I like this lady. Nigeria is now breaking the wing of abroad. all the truth are now coming out that there is nothing in western country. Home love is the best. people you know, culure you know. everything is natural whether poor or not. they lied to us about abroad. please do you wedding in nigeria, it will command more respect.

  2. I love love. the best thing she said in this interview and the smartest thing anyone could say and realise. Paris Hilton also said it. no mater how much materia things you have if you do not have someone you throughly love? life is shit.

  3. Happy to see the new you…the woman I've been waiting to see, thank God for that and may the good Lord bless you and your family all the days of your life.

  4. ur amazing aunty tonto I'm wooed Mrs Churchill

  5. Ma favorite actress. Wish i could sing with this girl

  6. I like ur plump stature now, don't go slimming down

  7. U have to be multi tasking , definately

  8. I use to attack as well but after having children , I now ignore. It's good to be calm and ignore comments.

  9. woww congratulations tonto i wish u the best of luck hun .waw u so beautiful and u not skinny nomore wow love u

  10. Love you Tonto and nuff love from Melbee. Jamaican original

  11. I know it's tontolet she's Is very wow but anyway nice clip of her ''

  12. Tonto is so beautiful, i am so happy for her. God bless her family.

  13. I like her now..she has blossomed well in to a mature woman. She looks well and gone back to her natural complexion.

  14. this interview make me wanna make you my mentor….so matured in her replies.

  15. please keep on surprising people ,is the best.

  16. Wow, i love this interview . Please Tonto,

  17. i am hapi for u. Shine on baby

  18. congrats TONTO on ur baby and wish u happy and fruitful MARRIAGE .Ameen

  19. good girl… May the LORD bless your family for putting God first.

  20. Congrats mummy Tonto. love your new personality, keep it up.

  21. I am very happy for Tonto now I never new she going to be so humble like this God bless your home my dear keep it up.

  22. wow so so interesting I just loved her the more

  23. wow I love u God bless ur marriage

  24. Tonto love you just shock the industry with your succes story. Who would ve taught you will be married with kid now.God bless your marriage dear.

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