1. Advice for upcoming bloggers and people who want to come into the fashion industry??? Where to start from and so on ?

  2. What kind of camera do you use?

  3. This a lovely video. The quality is crystal clear. I love art too. I was the only one that wrote the WAEC visual arts examination in my secondary school. Also, I like the fact that you're looking forward to hosting an event to help budding fashionistas who are currently at crossroads.

    You'll probably never reply me, but, for your next Q and A, what is your favourite colour and chill out place in Lagos? (This is corny, but, can we hangout sometime, saturating the treasures of the Onikan museum and doing a little time travel at the Lagos art gallery)…


  4. Love this video. I would love to hear your thoughts on how to get big as an African blogger in the uk?

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