1. This entire movie was just the cutest relationship goals.. but like killing people too. No biggie

  2. Don't know if anyone else noticed when watching the movie but when she got her hand scratched by the cat it was the same day she went on the date with him and towards the end of the date the marks from where the cat scratched her magically disappeared. Movie error.
    I don't actually look for these things specifically it just kinda stood out… Haha.

  3. another bit of class acting from Sam Rockwell

  4. Sam Rockwell looks like Tim Roth's son or younger brother hahahahahhaha

  5. I liked this movie when it was called Grosse Point Blank

  6. love love loved this movie great movie if you're in the mood for a movie you don't have to think too much about

  7. NICE ONE! I want more movies like this!

  8. Amazing movie.Recommend this

  9. Justin Hammer vs the Abomination

  10. Internally screeched when I saw Tim Roth!

  11. This is the perfect movie for girls with stockholm syndrome…..makin bad guys good for the weekend and all that. HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

  12. This movie is actually pretty funny. It seems like a parody almost. It is more of a quirky film, so if you like those, you will like this movie

  13. ive watched this film its great

  14. I'm thinking they dropped the ball on marketing this movie, because it looks like a fun movie to see with friends.

  15. 7 Psycopaths feels anyone?

  16. Awesome movie. I would highly recommend it.

  17. I saw the movie it's one of my favorites, it's just EPIC


  19. Absolutely loved this movie. Laughed my ass off.

  20. i can't help but wonder what the clown nose is about

  21. the thing is that the movie is just like the trailer… funny and awesome! really like it :-)

  22. just watched this, and its actually hilarious!

  23. Why the end of the film has become a silly

  24. Sigh another boring romantic wanna be funny soap

  25. Okay, this one is in my list to watch as well. Next!

  26. Ah the famous crazy couple. I don't believe in their love story but movie is not bad

  27. Could someone tell me the title of the song when the movie ends?

  28. i hope you could all make a movie (Mr. Right part 2) the day before he'd became a psycopath….

  29. I honestly watched this movie not knowing what it was about and it was like really weird but I kept watching because of Anna Kendrick and the movie was just … entertaining lol! I enjoyed it! It was actually pretty good to me and now I'm over here checking out Sam Rockwell's work :)

  30. This looks great, I'm gonna watch it

  31. She's a very tolerant girlfriend

  32. interressant l`histoire. je me lance

  33. what if they hire him to kill their self

  34. I love this movie!!!

  35. So little Maxy watched Grosse Pointe Blank.

  36. there's gonna be a sequel or 2 .. right ??

  37. The advertisement of a movie trailer was waaay better than this trailer xD

  38. I didn't like the acting it wasn't good.

  39. This actually surprised me you think anna is the helpless one but wait

  40. waste of time………

  41. "Knight and Day" copycat.

  42. I will watch this for Sam Rockwell.

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