Metabolic Reboot Regimen

Metabolic Reboot RegimenClick Image For More DetailsDid losing weight use to be easy where you could drop 10 pounds or more simply by going on a diet for a few weeks…

I would be successful for a week or two while I was following it word for word. I would drop 10 or 20 pounds (and occasionally 30 or 40), go back to ‘regular’ eating and the weight would come right back ….and then some.

The weight just wouldn’t budge. I tried a keto diet, guaranteed to help even the hardest cases lose weight. I had no more than a couple of pounds of fluctuation. I ate paleo, same result. I went fully gluten free with minimal grains and GAINED a few pounds.

What was wrong with me?!?!? How could the rest of the world have these amazing results, and here I was, spending hours working out and counting every calorie that was going in my body with NO results.

All my overzealous dieting and crazy workouts that had worked when I was younger was actually adding up to a great, big, gigantic breakdown in my body.

My daily life was contributing to the breakdown. I was stressing my body out (maybe you can relate?!?) with:

Your metabolism is more than ‘something you were born with.’ It is actually how your hormones and your body’s systems interact and decide whether to store fat or burn fat.

By ‘breaking’ (SO not a scientific term! HA!) my metabolism, I had basically shut down all communication in my body in regards to getting rid of my excess fat.

Instead of my body burning fat with the strict diets and intensive exercises, my body turned on survival mode and held on to everything it possibly could. Not only was I getting FATTER, I was always exhausted, my menstrual… Read more…

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