1. Soooooooo …. Does it come out of his penis oooorrr does he shit the baby out…..

  2. well yeah high school will always be weird

  3. Just asking: What the fuck is that movie!

  4. Isn't that Paisley from Ant Farm…and Sean O'Donnell?

  5. why/how would this ever work out…

  6. How the heck did I get here?!

  7. soo this is kinda a reboot of junior ? except we don't have arnold schwarzenegger to lust after

  8. This reminds me of one of those dumb Buzzfeed videos like 'if guys got pregnant'. Also the line "I'm a guy how hard could it be", REALLY ticked me off… e.e

  9. SINJIN! Good for you, Sinjin!

    Also if I didn't just see the poor, unrealistic kind of acting/directing of a person having to puke and going straight to somebody to puke directly on their head as if it was an accident I would have given this fun looking movie a chance, but that moment was just too cringy. o.O

  10. this looks shit, wtf how can this get so much views

  11. So like…this…is…actually…gonna be a…movie…

    Yeah okay good luck to the produces because this movie is gonna make the shittiest profit ever…

  12. why would any one make a movie like this wtf

  13. i doubt anyone will watch this movie

  14. this is stupid asf how would it even come out you got have girl parts anyway

  15. Was that Sinjin and Milton?!Omg

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