Habitual Wife Beater, Jude Izuakor Says He’s Now Sober A He Reunites With Family

Popular wife beater, Mr. Jude Izuakor was brought before court for inflicting grievous injuries on his wife and abandoning her with three children at a hospital in …

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  1. Dr Joe, Is this a way of settling issues? This man will kill this woman soon

  2. what a stupid idiot. once a beater always a beater. his ugly ass better be thankful to have a loving family.

  3. Poor woman,that niga gonna keep beating you.once o wife beater, always a wife beater

  4. He is going to kill her

  5. Was he also not accused of flagrant homosexuality? Was that a malicious slander or he has also renounced homosexuality? We were told that homosexuality and drug addiction were the sources or triggers of his physical abuses of his wife, yet we are not being told how he has overcome such triggers. Wife beating is addictive and is not something its perpetrators give up just like that. It is either the matter was exaggerated with vindictive utterances from the onset or the details of his "recovery" is not being told here. In any case, nothing beats reconciliation and the reunification of any broken family. I wish them the best and I hope that he never relapses into his old self. Women Arise should also learn a lesson from this: take it ease with publicly revealing tawdry aspects of cases you handle. The revelation about his homosexuality should never have been floated so carelessly because, even now in reconciliation, his children will probably be taunted by other kids over it. For the sake of children, not everything you uncover should be revealed to the public at the heat of the moment.

    On a lighter note though, how could that almost 6-footer of a woman allow the 4-footer fellow to beat her up? Nigerian women should stop giving up fights to men; an American woman of that size would have beaten this pygmy into senselessness.

  6. Even if it might not be a heartfelt reconciliation on his side, which no one can say as we don't know his heart, I don't think he will beat her again, knowing the powers behind her.

  7. Okay na! This is so stupid…. What kind of treatment did he have? Oh I forgot it's the igwe of the village's treatment . They are all ridiculous people. I hope she survives his next attempt.

  8. He's going to beat her again, let's just hope he doesn't kill her. The best thing for her to do is leave him.

  9. He's now sober? What treatment did he receive? And from what facility? This is just sheer ridiculousness! I feel for those children

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