Fifth Harmony – Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

“7/27” available at: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: Google: Apple …

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  1. Why can't I like this video?

  2. Why does Lauren never sing in their debut Album Songs???? I mean… she has one of the best voices  in the Group

  3. acá nadie habla español

  4. me encanta
    esta CANCIÓN

  5. Btw,why does this song have SOMETHING to do with sex???:

  6. does anyone notice that one of them has no solos in the songs Camilia has all the parts

  7. Me encanta la canción Las muchachas mas que:) Noca :*

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  8. Damn! I Can't stop watching the one in the green top

  9. Tem brasileiro perdido por ai?

  10. Je kiffe adorerrrre!!!!!!

  11. love this song its my jam for now

  12. amooooooooooooo essas musica fifth harmony minhas fãs amoo vcs meninas <3

  13. I can't stop looking at Lauren's band aid.

  14. Let's go to 1 billion views ♥

  15. fucking gay die dumb niggers

  16. This is so gross. I can't watch This. My 5 year old sister used to listen to fifth harmony. Until they started singing about sex. There are young girls who listen to fifth harmony and they are watching these girls twerk. Is that what we want kids to watch? NO!! So why do we. I liked fifth harmony. Now I don't. Maybe if they stop being inappropriate will like them but singing about sex and saying that guys don't have to work because you want to have sex with them makes me angry and disappointed. Please no hate I'm just sharing my opinion

  17. did any one here screeching. I think it sounds like a puppy yelping


  19. More like no harmony.

  20. lol "I pipe her,she take that" What pipe? what is this man talking about?! is he abusing her?!

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