Eurovision Song Contest 2016 – Grand Final

Live from Stockholm, the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Welcome to the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest live from the Globe …

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  1. My favorite this year was Georgia i think and i dont think Swedens song was good enough for a 5th place.

  2. If you're looking for a song that literally describes what's happening to itself – it's like a song going meta or existentialist sort of, go no further than 2:35:00

  3. Oooh, you touched my TA-LA-LAAA

  4. Most of my reactions were
    "OMG that dress!" I lost count.

    Russia was met with total silence. Not because Sergey was not a great singer, but because it took me several viewings to understand what was really going on. W O W.

  5. That Australian lady was good

  6. All countries have performed well, absolutely everything deserve to win, but winning only one! But I congratulate Jamala from Ukraine! Well made. Well made and representative of Australia, and of course well acted as the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev. I was shocked by his numbers. Well, I am from Russia!

  7. im here just bc of opening

  8. Anybody noticed that Måns answered "Me neither" when Petra said "…and I can't wait" in 15.09-15.14?

  9. Why did they repeat everything in French?

  10. The UK should have placed so much higher :(

  11. My top 10
    1. Hungary
    2. Israel
    3. Russia
    4. Italy
    5. Germany
    6. France
    7. Belgium
    8. Bulgaria
    9. Czech Republic
    10. Cyprus

    My bottom 4
    1. Georgia
    2. Sweden
    3. Ukraine (I'm sorry but the song is just 80% wailing!)
    4. Australia

  12. 2:17:15 42 YEARS OF SWDDISH MUSIC IN 4 MINUTES! It's awesome!

  13. Serbia is amezing! My winner! Realy cool! The best vocal this year is Sanja!

  14. which is the name of the song where the runway begins?

  15. mans- AND SOME CAN BE DOWN RIGHT VICOUS ME- OMG is that the tv show

  16. Russian say thanks for 3th because you're was on 5th

  17. I love Eurovision every year! It's just amazing can't believe it's been a month already!

  18. 1.Australia

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