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Black Book of Secrets - The Swagger SpecialistsClick Image For More DetailsIf you’re a guy interested in a good ab workout – and maybe even get some of your old swagger back – you may be wondering “are situps and crunches the only ab exercises to get a flatter stomach and six pack abs?”

Somewhere after 30 years on this planet you start noticing things just don’t work the same anymore. You need more sleep after a night out, the libido isn’t what it once was just a few years ago, and somewhere along the way you picked up a spare tire to cover your once-proud waistline. You’re still a young man with plenty of fuel left in the tank so you’re not ready to throw in the towel and roll with that mediocre “dad-bod” look just yet. So you pick up a fitness magazine or read an article online that tells you to do a hundred situps before bed every night. You try it for a month but come out the other side with little to show for it. But all is not lost. Look- it’s a fine start. You got yourself to do something, which is a big key to success. After all, the best way to get started is… to get started.

As you know, most people have too much body fat to see abs at any point in their life, no less a 6 pack- so getting there is a sweet accomplishment- one that can trigger impulsive desires in women.

So how long does it take to get a leaner stomach and ripped abs? Well, it takes hustle and hard work, but if you’re willing to pay that price you can get lean and see your abs peaking out pretty soon.

Six pack abs are the hallmark of a well… Read more…

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